Making Every Night Simple - At Federal Meats: Getting dinner on the table after a long day of work and trying to keep up with your family’s back- to-school schedule often can be notoriously challenging. Fortunately, Federal Meats solves this dinnertime dilemma with their wide array of weeknight meal offerings. Made from scratch daily, these entrées are made from our own classic home-style recipes. Choose from tasty rotisserie roasted features such as bbq ribs, classic pot roast, gourmet meatloaf, and freshly homemade lasagnas & delicious casseroles.

Making of Buffalo’s Best Burgers

When people dream of burgers on the grill – these are the burgers they dream of… Federal Meats starts with only the highest quality lean meats, grinding fresh in store and preparing each patty by hand – just the way you like them. Each patty is individually wrapped for freshness and ease in meal preparation. The patties are light in texture and the delicious flavor comes through every time – guaranteed. Serve with your favorite freshly made deli salad and enjoy the first taste of summer today!

Stop in and get one of our all-time summer favorites: Federal’s Own Kabobs.

Available Plain or Marinated: Sirloin & Vegetable Chicken & Vegetable - OR - Phone ahead and we are happy make your favorite kabob - specialty to order. Looking to add a little extra flavor, why not add bacon to your favorite kabob variety. As we all know, EVERYTHING TASTES BETTER with BACON! All made fresh daily, Federal kabobs are plump, tender and so delicious! For exceptional flavor, marinate 3 hours to overnight. Or call ahead and we will do the marinating for you. Pick up some Kabobs today - the freshness and flavor can’t be surpassed!

Weekly Specials: Sept 18-Sept 23


  • Grade A Extra Large Eggs $1.39/Dozen
  • Fresh Frozen Extra Large Shrimp $8.99/Lb.
    (31 to 40 Ct.)
  • Slab Style Bacon $4.99/Lb.


  • Whole Beef Strip Loins (10 – 12 Lbs. average) Cut & Wrapped to order $7.99/Lb.
  • Wonderfully Flavorful—Gourmet Filet Mignon wrapped in Bacon $7.99/EACH
  • Your Choice of Whole or Half Certified Hereford Beef Tenderloins trimmed to perfection. $16.99/Lb.
    ** Enjoy on the Grill or Pan Seared or Oven Roasted – Whichever you favorite, this is true mouthwatering goodness! **


  • Federal’s Own Bologna $4.99/Lb.
  • Federal’s Own Rotisserie Roasted Sliced Roasted Beef
    with FREE au jus $9.99/Lb.

Back to School Lunch Boxes – “And Don’t forget the chicken salad” September is often the time of year when we are all looking for a change… especially in our lunch choices. A great selection of your favorites is always available at Federal’s deli counter. From our fresh rotisserie roasted beef and our wide selection of your favorite cold cuts we have so many choices available, lunches should never become boring again.

Try using a variety of breads such as pita pockets, kaiser buns, croissants, bagels or English muffins. A ham & cheese roll-up or a chicken salad pita create a nice change from the same old tuna on white bread. And don’t forget last nights left overs… Some of the best loved lunches came from your dinner favorites. Try a meat loaf or pot roast sandwich.

Another suggestion is to pack your favorite crackers along with some delicious chicken salad or ham salad. At lunchtime just spread a little salad on the crisp flavorful cracker to create a bite sensation.

Whatever your need is you can find it in Federal’s deli. With our large variety of deli meats and cheeses along with fresh salads and sandwich spreads we are sure to have something for everyone.

Check out this Week’s Coupon Offers

$2.00 Off the Purchase of one prepared Frozen Federal Dinner Entree
(Limit One Coupon Per Purchase)

Buy a Pound, Get a Pound Free Italian Sausage Links (Two Pound Limit)

$1.00 Off Per Pound Specialty Flavored Fish Selections

Buffalo’s Best 2016


The votes are in and we could not be happier…
Just announced, Monday May 18th, Federal Meats was recognized as Buffalo’s Best Butcher in the Food/Retail category. We would like to thank all those who took the time to vote and to recognize us among Buffalo’s finest.


Buffalo’s Finest 2015 Series

Buffalo’s Finest 2015 Series: burstWe were recognized for our high standards of excellence in Buffalo’s Finest 2015 Profile Series


‘Fresher is Better’ is Federal’s Motto

The Sun–West Seneca & Elma

“Fresher is Better” is the motto of Federal Meats throughout Western New York, and the Southgate Plaza location in West Seneca is no exception, according to customer comments and reviews. Read More…


A Twist on Buffalo’s Traditional Fish Fry

Check out western New York’s only Rotisserie Fish Fry. These delicious fish fry’s dinners are available in traditional beer battered or breaded haddock, and can be ordered for lunch or dinner on Wednesday’s or Friday’s during the busy Lenten season. They are also available on Friday’s year round.

If you are not familiar yet – Federal Fish Fry’s are prepared a little different. They ae rotisserie roasted fresh in-store to perfection. With its mild flavor and crispy texture, you are sure to savor every delicious bite. Dinners are priced at $9.99, and come with your choice of two deli-salads and bread. Federal’s Fish Fry Dinners are cooked fresh to order and can be ready for your enjoyment in 35 to 40 minutes. Phone ahead orders are always welcome.

Federal Meats also has a flavored line of fish you can choose from as well. For a small up-charge, you can choose from tortilla or parmesan crusted tilapia and flavored salmon is available upon request. They are all light and flavorful; the hardest part will be choosing which fish selection to try first.

Feature in Business First

A special thank you to David Bertola and Business First for their April 3, 2014 feature on Bill Dowdall, & Federal Meats.

Selling the freshest quality products and offering the finest in customer service is what we continually strive for.  We take tremendous pride in what we do and serving the fine families of western New York continues to be a great privilege for us – even after 84 years. Click to read article


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